• The Tiger Touch II
    The Tiger Touch II
    81.745,95 kn 61.309,46 kn
    Harverdske značajke – 20 fadera reprodukcije – 10 gumba Makro/Izvršitelj – 15,6-inčni zaslon osjetljiv na dodir visoke svjetline – Mogućnost…
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  • Titan Mobile
    Titan Mobile
    27.306,40 kn 20.479,80 kn
    Hardverske značajke – 10 fadera reprodukcije – 20 tipki Makro / Izvršitelj – 3 x Visokokvalitetni kotačići optičkog enkodera –…
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  • Tour Hazer Fluid
    364,66 kn13.163,49 kn
    273,50 kn9.872,62 kn
    Special fluid for our Tour Hazer II. For a clean and safe evaporation process, it is extremely important to use…
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  • Tour Hazer II – S
    9.031,30 kn 6.773,47 kn
    Additional information Power 1500Watt Suspense 240 V/50 Hz (also available as 110V version) fog season Permanent fog at 100% heating…
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  • W-DMX™ Dongle
    3.766,40 kn 2.824,80 kn
    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Compatible G5 units. Backward compatible only with G4S. USB-B to DMX. USB cable included. The W-DMX™ Dongle is…
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  • WhiteBox F-1 G5
    WhiteBox F-1 G5
    4.896,32 kn 3.672,24 kn
    PERFORMANCE Transmitter & Receiver modes Up to 700 meters / 2,200 feet 512 DMX channels or 1,024 in Double-Up mode…
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  • WhiteBox F-2 G5
    WhiteBox F-2 G5
    7.495,14 kn 5.621,35 kn
    PERFORMANCE Transmitter, Receiver and Repeater modes Up to 700 meters / 2,200 feet 1,024 DMX channels or 2,048 in Double-Up…
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  • XMT-120
    3.374,69 kn 2.531,02 kn
    Professional DMX512 measurement tool and tester for lighting technicians and lighting installers. he XMT-120A is a powerful DMX512 measurement and…
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  • XMT-350
    4.881,25 kn 3.660,94 kn
    RDM controller Set DMX addresses remotely Set "Personality" mode remotely Readout RDM device information Automatic DMX patch support over RDM…
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  • XND 4B Ethernet DMX Node 4  Ports
    XND 4B Ethernet DMX Node 4 Ports
    5.257,89 kn6.011,17 kn
    3.943,42 kn4.508,38 kn
    Art-Net and sACN to DMX converter for up to 8 independent universes Supports Art-Net I, II and 3 (DMX and…
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  • Solton – DP1800
    Solton – DP1800
    4.903,85 kn 3.677,89 kn
    The DP 1800 has been designed as a powerful two channel power amplifier featuring light weight, compact, high power output…
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  • Solton – DX4
    Solton – DX4
    15.005,34 kn 11.254,00 kn
    High-End Technology stands for highest quality level in professional Audio field. That means equipment which can master without any problems…
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