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The heritage of Robert Juliat is one of which we are very proud. Founded in 1919 by my grandfather, Robert, our company is the oldest m anufacturer of theatre lighting equipm ent still in existence. Continuing in the tradition of my great-grandfather, Jean JULIAT, who worked as technical assistant to George MELIES, creator of the first visual effects in movie history, we have always made it our policy to innovate rather than re-create with our designs. Past Robert Juliat innovations, such as the first H M I followspots, have since been adopted by other manufacturers.

Throughout our long history of creating breakthrough products, Robert Juliat has always had a practical purpose in mind. New technology is only worth developing if it answers the needs of our customers. By customers I do not mean only lighting designers but also the technicians who work with our luminaires. Listening to our customers’ opinions is a key part of our success. We combine their views with our passion for lighting to produce the nest lanterns in the world, designing our fixtures as much for ergonomic perfection as for optical and mechanical excellence.

We take seriously the label ‘Fabriqué en France’. All our products are made in France to enable us to closely monitor and m aintain our quality standards. But more than this, it re ects the emphasis we place on adding value through innovation, allowing us to react quickly to market demand and customer feedback.
At Robert Juliat, we understand what it takes to m ake the custom er happy. From the moment they consider our lanterns, throughout the working life of each fixture, we devote our energy to winning, and deserving, their confidence in our products and our service.

We are proud of ourhistory,our experience, our innovation and our ability to develop with the times. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the lighting products you want in the future.

François JULIAT,
Managing Director

Single Lens Luminaires

ZEP 340LF / 360LF
With its high output LED, its 200mm Fresnel lens and its great beam quality, this fixture gives a very powerful ...
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Lutin is a multi-purpose 1K fixture with a host of unique design features – including a choice of 3 quick-change ...
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1000/1200W Tungsten With a unique 200mm lens the 310H has no equivalent on the market for light output and quality ...
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2000/2500W Tungsten The 329H has long been the industry standard for 2.5K units and is a favourite in theatres, opera ...
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Profile Range

ZEP 640 SX / 660SX
Get enhanced performance with the new ZEP family members! Combining power with a smooth flat beam, the new ZEP 640SX ...
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1000/1200W Tungsten Perhaps the most versatile of the Juliat profiles, the 600SX is the classic 1K/1.2K theatre fixture. Available with ...
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700 SX2
2000/2500W Tungsten Combining power with a smooth flat beam quality, the 700SX2 is the ideal profile for all long throw ...
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300W LED With its ultra compact dimension and low power consumption, Roxie is the new LED followspot. Roxie has been ...
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Super Korrigan
1200 HMI The award-winning Super Korrigan offer a light output which performs Xenon followspots of higher wattage, along with the ...
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Touring 2500 HMI The new touring machine for rentals Mixing a stainless steel housing with strong aluminium frames, the Merlin ...
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Dalis 862
150W LED Asymetric Footlight Dalis 862 is all about innovation when it comes to front-edge stage lighting. Offering a true ...
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Dalis 860
300W LED Asymmetric cyclight Spice up your light with the new asymmetrical 300W LED cyclight from Robert Juliat. Design to ...
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150W LED Asymmetric Washlight Sharing the same qualities of control, colour mixing, coverage and silent operation as Dalis Cyclight, Dalis ...
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