XWL Series

The XWL series encompasses W-DMX as well as other compatible and compact wireless DMX transmitters and receivers. W-DMX from Wireless Solution is  leading in technologies for wireless DMX transmission. With a latency of only about 5 ms, Swisson products  guarantee a DMX connection with the properties and reliability level equivalent to those of a wired link. Several transmitters can be operated […]


XSH Hybrid Splitter

The XSH Hybrid Splitter allows for distributing power and a DMX signal within one single unit. The XSH features a powerCon 20A input and an XLR input and four pairs of powerCon 20A and XLR outputs. This combination comes especially handy with modern DMX setups, where so called ‘hybrid cables’ with XLR and powerCon connectors […]

XPD-28 Perspective
XPD-28 Front view

2:8 A/B Splitter – XPD-28

DMX splitter / booster RDM capable (bidirectional) 19 inch rack mountable, 1 height unit 10 output modes 2 failure behaviors Optically isolated Neutrik powerCON input and output Universal power supply Graphical overview of channel values Display of the refresh rate Can be used as a DMX “decelerator” XPD-28 splitters boost, refresh and distribute the DMX […]


DMX Splitter

Booster – XSP Series DMX splitters are the backbone of any DMX512 installation. The XSP series of splitters offer the highest level of reliability for professional use for events or on installations. The specially designed power supply ensures safe operation even under harsh mains conditions. Each port is optically isolated and very well protected against […]