DMX & RDM Splitter

DMX & RDM Splitter

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  • High level of reliability
  • Boosts DMX & RDM
  • Regenerates DMX & RDM
  • Reduces reflection problems
  • Distributes DMX & RDM
  • Optical isolation on each individual port
  • Connection types: 5-pin and 3-pin XLR models
  • RJ-45 and pluggable screw terminals models
  • Housing types: Installation, box, rack and double rack models
  • 5 DMX outputs per universe (10 outputs on double rack models)
  • Built-in line termination
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The Swisson XSR series are reliable DMX and RDM splitters and boosters that process DMX and RDM signals with a high level of reliability suitable for professional use.

The XSR has a specially designed power supply which ensures safe operation even under harsh mains conditions. All ports are individually optically isolated and well protected against transient over voltages.

In the “DMX only” mode all non-DMX data is filtered out and a clean signal without RDM or other protocols is generated.

The XSR splitters are visible to RDM controllers. This gives the user an better overview of the installation and may help with troubleshooting.




Opcija Splittera

3 Pinski, 5 Pinski, RJ-45, Terminal

Opcije Noda

Box, Double Rack, rack


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