2000/2500W Tungsten The 329H has long been the industry standard for 2.5K units and is a favourite in theatres, opera houses and concert halls the world over. Unlike most products on the market which use GY16 lamps, Robert Juliat uses G”” lamp socket which guarantees the 329H’s reliability, holding the lamp securely in place to […]



1000/1200W Tungsten With a unique 200mm lens the 310H has no equivalent on the market for light output and quality of the beam. The wider the lens, the greater the light output and, with its great beam angle, it is a truly high performance unit. Offering broad coverage with a smooth, even beam, the 310H […]



Lutin is a multi-purpose 1K fixture with a host of unique design features – including a choice of 3 quick-change lenses – making it the most versatile and economical unit of quality on the market. It can be used as a Fresnel for coverage, a Pebble for soft light and a PC for directional light. […]