Eventshop working rope 12, 14 und 16 mm Schwarz

Some time we were looking for a soft, black and high grip work rope, which can be required in the event technology needs.

Found we have it in Event Store-working rope that we can offer 14 mm and 16 mm in diameters. It is extremely good in the hand is very tear-resistant, while still beautiful move and never stiff.

It has with 14 mm a breaking load of 3750 daN , weighs 144.8 g / m.

The 16 mm rope has a breaking load of 4340 daN and weighs 173 g / m.

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The working rope is not suitable for climbing, but only for lifting loads. It should be ensured that the working area under the load remains free.

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In the product overview you can select the diameter and the number of meters that you want to buy. If you want more ropes in a certain length, select the total amout of meters. At the checkout you will have the opportunity to send us a message, how to divide the total length.

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