Climbing Technology QuickRoll – Ascender mit Rolle

The Climbing Technology Quickroll is a hand ascender with integrated pulley for use on ascent with a self-braking descender such as the Sparrow.
The combination of pulley and hand ascender is more space efficient than the traditional handle, which is used with additional carabiners: the working rope, which comes from the descender, runs over the integrated pulley and reduces friction and facilitates the ascent.


– new ergonomic grip coating for improved traction and abrasion resistance;
Workload increased to 140 kg.
– the lever that opens the cams can be operated with just one hand, as well as the cam
release system which is activated by a movement downwards (patented);
– new locking cam made of steel, manufactured with a new technology, which increases the
wear resistance;
– The cam also has three grooves, so it accumulates less dirt and the necessary power
to climb is reduced even in difficult conditions (dirty or iced rope, etc.);
– has two connection points for different applications, a cam anti-tip system and
another secondary opening for a Maillon Rapide for step ladders.

Attention! The integrated pulley is not PSA

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