ZEP 340LF / 360LF

With its high output LED, its 200mm Fresnel lens and its great beam quality, this fixture gives a very powerful wash effect.

Presenting an exceptional flat and variable beam angle, this LED Fresnel is ideal for fill lighting in TV studios. Beam shaping can be achieved with great precision by the addition of RJ’s unique, individually rotatable barndoors.

The zep Fresnel represents an economical solution as it extends colour filter life due to its low heat output, and requires fewer maintenance calls thanks to its extra-long life LED. Particularly attractive is its electronics flicker-free dimmable PSU. The fversatillity offered by the choice of different colour temperatures makes the ZEP perfect for studios, theaters, and events, as well as architectural applications.

Single Lens Luminaires features and focus on LED fixtures:
– Lens size : 200mm
– Variable beam angle from 11 – 68 degrees
– 150W & 300W LED Source – 50.000 Hours
– 340LF available in warm and cool white
– 360LF available in warm, cool, neutral daylight and variable white
– Constant colour temperature when dimming
– Built-in electronic flicker-free dimmable PSU
– Silent operation
– Local and remote DMX control (Wireless DMX as an option).