Scen-Teh’s “4th Open Day” Zagreb 02.02.2017

No need to talk a lot about it,

This year was dedicated to High End Systems, Robert Juliat, Smoke Factory, Swisson and Wireless Solutions, …

Products involved and seen at the event :

High End’s
Sola Series1000, Sola Series2000, ShapeShifter, Hog4, FullBoar4, RoadHog4, Hoglet4, MiniWing4

Robert Juliat’s
Dalis 860 & 862, Roxie LED Followspot

conventional splitter, Wireless splitter, Hybrid splitter, Artnet node, DMX tester

Smoke factory’s
Tour Hazer II, Spaceball, Captain D, Carpet Crawler

Wireless Solutions
Black box, micro series, USB Dongle …