Product Description

The B Zoomed is the best LED Par zoom on the market. Using glass zoom optics it delivers more than double the light output. Meaning less power equals less heat, therefore it has a longer and more stable LED-life. The extreme narrow zoom can deliver a punch even at 20 meter measuring distance. RGB white and only 5,5 kg make this fixture usable for almost any application.


– Extreme zoom range 5.5° -40°
– Extreme output (glass optics)
– Extremely homogenous
– Lightweight
– Compact
– OLED display


– Zoom angle: 5,5° -40°
– LED engine: glass optic 60W
– Connectivity: DMX 5p in & link
– DMX mode: 5/7/10/13/17 Ch.
– Power draw: 90W
– Input voltage: AC 100V – 240V
– IP rate: IP65


– Fixture: 26,0 x 26,0 x 32,0 cm
– 5,5 kg