Product Description

The B Narrow is the ultimate alternative for your rental fleet ‘mid class’ light fixtures. This powerful spot with a 150W white LED engine is pushed through a special narrow glass optic to deliver high output, even at longer distances. It is a compact and lightweight fixture that dares to compete with a 700W spotlight, but is carrying 3 to 4 times less weight. Budget friendly applications and fast setup for effects, without losing the homogeneous beam (beam lights have hotspots). Its soft rubber coated finish does not generate reflections.


– Ultra bright spotlight
– Equal beam
– Powerful colours
– More powerful than a 700W MSR
– Compact and lightweight
– Fast colour gobo changing
– Soft rubber coated finish

– Fixed angle: 6°
– Full focussing
– Rotation gobo’s: 6
– Fixed gobo’s: 8
– Facet prisma: 8
– LED engine: 150W white
– Connectivity: DMX 5p in & link
– DMX mode: 15/17ch
– Power draw: 200>
– Input voltage: AC 100V – 240V


– Flightcase: 74,0 x 66,0 x 66,0 cm
– Fixture: 29,5 x 19,5 x 44,0 cm
– 12,0 kg