BlackBox R-512 G4S MK2

The W-DMX BlackBox R-512 G4S Receiver is the perfect receiver-only solution for the W-DMX system, wherever you need to have a DMX or RDM output to your fixtures (RDM available as an option).
With support for Dual-band 2.45GHz and 5.8GHz technology, and support for AFHSS to dynamically avoid other radio users, reliabity is increased tremendously
With the optional Ethernet protocol support, the product can output ArtNet and sACN along with standard RS-485 signals.

2.4 Ghz 5.2 GHz 5.8 GHz 32 universes DMX 512 RDM Datasafe Invis-Wire AFH Adaptive Ethernet G4 G3 Compatible One Button 2 Go Multipoint
Single Universe DMX Receiver (RDM Optional)
W-DMX G4S Protocol – backward compatible with G3
Die-cast metal box – tough for the road
Rack and Truss mounting options – rig anywhere
Invisi-wire Technology – Output matches Input
Datasafe Technology – Wireless Fidelity and Error Correction
Complete DMX512 support
Full RDM support (option)
One-button-to-go support
Adaptive Frequency Hopping Radio
2.4GHz radio – license free worldwide
5.8GHz dualband – provides access to ‘virgin’ spectrum
Expandable with Ethernet lighting protocol support.
12V Support
Interchangeable antennas – easily expand your range
Compatible with all W-DMX OEM products
Dual band function with 5.8GHz is not availble in all countries, please contact your local dealer or Wireless Solution for more information.

2.4 Ghz 5.2 GHz 5.8 GHz 32 universes DMX 512 RDM Datasafe Invis-WireAFH Adaptive Ethernet G4 G3 Compatible One Button 2 Go Multipoint