ERA 600 Performance

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  • ERA 600 Performance
    • Bright 550 watt / 6,500K LED light source
    • 19,000 lumen output
    • Crisp optics with flat field
    • 1:8 Fast zoom
    • CMY color mixing – Vibrant color mixing with a superior palette of colors matching the MAC range
    • Linear CTO – Daylight to tungsten CCT control and expansion of the CMY palette
    • 7-slot color wheel –for added color choice and split color effects
    • Full Curtain Framing blades with +/- 60° rotation of entire system for flexible shape generation
    • 7 rotating/indexing gobos – All renowned Martin glass gobos
    • 8 static gobos for great morphing effects
    • Animation wheel with continuous bi-directional rotation
    • Two prisms – 4-facet and linear – rotation and index control for dynamic effects
    • Heavy frost – A light frost leaves gobo artwork visible with a beautiful soft edge.
    • Compact and low weight design

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