“Kask Plasma “

The Plasma AQ by Kask is a comfortable, lightweight safety helmet that is standardized and size adjustable according to EN 397.

The Italian brand Kask has created the Plasma AQ, a high quality work helmet that outshines many others in its design. Not only the quality of this product, but also the classic, dressy design without any superfluous bells and whistles. Especially for grounders in event technology, this helmet is ideal.

To protect against falling objects, the air vents of this helmet are secured with an aluminum grid – but they also ensure good ventilation. Particularly noteworthy are the comfortable fit, the light weight and the airy design, which increases wearing comfort in summer. The inner padding can be removed and washed at 30 ° C. In addition, this helmet has brackets for most headlamps and mounts for earmuffs and visors.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of sturdy PP (polypropylene), the inner shell of HD (polystyrene, density 50g / l). It is made in universal size (51-63 cm head circumference), but can be easily adjusted with the dial to the appropriate width and is thus suitable for smaller head sizes. The weight is 380g.
The Plasma AQ work helmet is available in many colors. For event technicians particularly interesting is the completely black model. We also offer the Plasma AQ in a lower priced set with transport bag.


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