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Monthly ArchiveFebruary 2017

Scen-Teh’s “4th Open Day” Zagreb 02.02.2017

No need to talk a lot about it,

This year was dedicated to High End Systems, Robert Juliat, Smoke Factory, Swisson and Wireless Solutions, …

Products involved and seen at the event :

High End’s
Sola Series1000, Sola Series2000, ShapeShifter, Hog4, FullBoar4, RoadHog4, Hoglet4, MiniWing4

Robert Juliat’s
Dalis 860 & 862, Roxie LED Followspot

conventional splitter, Wireless splitter, Hybrid splitter, Artnet node, DMX tester

Smoke factory’s
Tour Hazer II, Spaceball, Captain D, Carpet Crawler

Wireless Solutions
Black box, micro series, USB Dongle …

Hog 4 Training – Zagreb 31.01 – 01.02.2017

It was a great pleasure to us to have Mr. Marc Lorenz to do the 2 days training which was held at
the venue “Tvornica Kulture” for 26 students from various rental companies, theater, and Academy (ADU


Product Description

The B STROBE150 is a powerful LED strobe with 330 x 0,5W SMD LEDs offering a replacement for a conventional Xenon strobe. It is a unique strobe with a range of special effects. Its 10 independently controllable LED segments allow special effects that are perfect for us on stage. Specifically with rental companies in mind, it has a die-cast lightweight housing. The unit comes with pre-programmed stand-alone effects, builtin programs with speed adjustment and master/slave mode. The B STROBE150 has a refresh rate of +400Hz and is for indoor use. Its clear LCD display enables easy menu setting.


– Lightweight
– Bright
– 10 rings separately controlled
– Round shaped strobe


– Fixed angle: 120┬░
– LED engine: 330 x 0,5W SMD
– Colour temp.: 6500 K
– Connectivity: DMX 3p in & link
– DMX mode: 3/10/13 Ch.
– Power draw: 150W
– Refresh Rate: +400 Hz
– Input voltage: AC 100V – 240V


– Fixture: 31,5 x 11,3 x 33,8 cm
– 5,75 kg


Product Description

The B Zoomed is the best LED Par zoom on the market. Using glass zoom optics it delivers more than double the light output. Meaning less power equals less heat, therefore it has a longer and more stable LED-life. The extreme narrow zoom can deliver a punch even at 20 meter measuring distance. RGB white and only 5,5 kg make this fixture usable for almost any application.


– Extreme zoom range 5.5┬░ -40┬░
– Extreme output (glass optics)
– Extremely homogenous
– Lightweight
– Compact
– OLED display


– Zoom angle: 5,5┬░ -40┬░
– LED engine: glass optic 60W
– Connectivity: DMX 5p in & link
– DMX mode: 5/7/10/13/17 Ch.
– Power draw: 90W
– Input voltage: AC 100V – 240V
– IP rate: IP65


– Fixture: 26,0 x 26,0 x 32,0 cm
– 5,5 kg


Product Description

The B BAR12 has 12 x 8W RGBW LEDs that can be controlled in pixel to pixel mode, with 250┬░ motorized tilt inclination via DMX. Several preprogrammed dynamic effects are available in the internal memory, which can be combined with multiple reproduction methods and colour macros. Auto mode with presets for automatic programs with speed control. Master/slave mode for stand-alone operations. Colour temperature presets from 3200K to 10000K. Static reproduction of a colour via stand-alone mode.


– Bright
– Ultra lightweight
– Fast motorized tilt
– Slim design
– Simple mode function: 6 Ch.
– Pixelmapping: 55 Ch.
– Cost-effective per LED


– Fixed angle: 22┬░
– LED engine: 12 x 8W RGB>
– Connectivity: DMX 3p in & link
– DMX mode: 6/8/12/50/55 Ch.
– Power draw: 113W
– Refresh rate: +400Hz
– Input voltage: AC 100V – 240V
– IP rate: IP33


– Fixture: 105,5 x 6,6 x 18,7 cm
– 5,0 kg