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the NEW Carpet Crawler – Low Fog – Just like you need it

Professional CO2 Cooler for your low fog effekt.

Silent and mystical the low fog is crawling over the oor. After a period of regeneration it is back. The famous Carpet Crawler by Smoke Factory is back with a new design and new features. With just one nger you can change your low fog via DMX from a thin at carpet,

to a knee-deep and overwhelming special Effect for big shows. This is possible by a new air supply system. As the rst machine of the new generation, the Carpet Crawler has a user friendly touchpad. Changes are easy and intuitive.

The all-in package

The comprehensive package. Here you will also receive a Data II Fog Machine with 2600 watts of power. All assembled and ready for use. You only need a bottle with CO2.

Delivery content

  • CO2 Cooler
  • Data II fogmachine
  • Touring Case
  • CO2 Pressure hose
  • 10m 200mm Ducting
  • PowerCon True 1 cable



The „classic“ fog generator with power, now with digital technology

230 V/1300 W. Very high fog emission. Flow control between 1 % and 99 % by using Up- /Down buttons. Radio remote control and cable remote optional.
Continuous fogging possible with reduced output. Tube, tube connector
and hanging set as options.

  • Procedure: vaporizing fog generator
  • Power: 1300 W
  • Power requirement: 230-240 V/50 Hz (110 V version available as well)
  • Weight (without fluid): 9,7 kg
  • Fluid consumption: 120 ml/min. (max. output), 35 ml/min. (continuous)
  • Fog emission: between 1 % and 99 %
  • Fog time: 40 sec. (100 % output), continuous < 50 %
  • Control choices: DMX 512, 0–10 V, timer, stand alone
  • Warm up time: approx. 7 minutes
  • Temperature control: microprocessor-controlled

FAN FOGGER – For demanding lighting designers.

2600 W, 230 V. High powered fog and haze generator with integrated wind machine in Amptown flightcase on wheels. Fog/Haze generator and fan/wind machine DMX-controlable. Integrated fluid canister holder for two 5-ltr. cans. Perfect distribution of fog or haze for light and laser shows in larger halls, arenas or open air.

  • Procedure: Vaporizing fog generator plus windmachine
  • Power: 2600 W vaporizing fog generator/800 W windmachine
  • Power requirement: 240 V/50 Hz
  • Weight (without fluid): 66,2 kg
  • Fluid bottle capacity: 2 x 5 litres
  • Fluid consumption: 240 ml/min. (max.output),
  • 70 ml/min. (continuous)
  • Fogging time: 50 sec. (max. output), continuous on < 50%
  • Control choices: DMX 512,0-10 V, timer, stand alone
  • Warm up time: approx. 7 minutes
  • Temperature control: microprocessor-controlled


Ideal for small and medium jobs, dry hire, party, Top 40, mobile DJ.

Small and compact, but packed with latest digital technology: DMX, microprocessor, timer, digital display. Resaonable output but low power consumption.
Flightcase included.

  • Procedure: vaporizing fog generator
  • Power: 650 W
  • Power requirement: 230-240 V/50 Hz Weight (without fluid): 7,85 kg
  • Fluid tank/bottle: 750 ml
  • Fluid consumption: 60 ml/min. (max. output), 15 ml/min. (continuous)
  • Fog time: approx. 30 sec. (100 % output), continuous < 45 %
  • Control choices: DMX 512, 0–10 V, timer, stand alone
  • Warm up time: approx. 7 minutes
  • Temperature control: microprocessor-controlled

TOUR HAZER II – On Tour with the perfect Hazer


DMX-control, variable haze output and fan speed. Latest processor technology. Flightcased for easy packing and transportation. Laminated Amptown Flightcase (TOUR HAZER II-A), Standard Plywood Flightcase (TOUR HAZER II-S) or black laminated case (TOUR HAZER II-SF Black) with compartment for 5 litre fluid can. Creates a fine haze, filling the air with a perfect “Designer Mist”.

Perfect environment for beam effects & moving light shows. BGV C1-certified fog system.

  • Procedure: hazemaker based on vaporizing fog generator Power: 1500 W
  • Power requirement: 240 V/50 Hz (110 V version also available)
  • Weight (without fluid): 16,5 kg (S/SF/A), 14,1 kg (boxed)
  • Fluid consumption: 5 litres, 120 hours at 50 % output Fluid bottle capacity: 5 litres
  • Control choices: DMX 512 + stand alone, timer Warm up time: ca. 60 seconds
  • Temperature control: electronically
  • Ambient temperature: 5° C to 45° C (41° F to 113° F)




AMPTOWN CASE all Apmptown colours